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The Gift of Adoption - Ann Marie Chiccarelli

Recently someone very close to me said her adopted son was going to South America to meet his biological mother and her family. She was nervous as to how to support her son and how she was going to have to deal with her feelings. She called me knowing that I also have a son who is adopted with her concerns. We talked for awhile and I tried to give her my support and love then we said our goodbyes. About 2 weeks later she called me back and said all went well with her son’s visit and that he had brought a letter back with him from his biological mother and would I like to read it. I told her I would love to do so. It took me a least a couple of times to get through reading the letter as the tears were running down my face. His biological mother explained how she became pregnant and why she decided to have the baby and then give him up rather than abort him. I won’t go into the details as it is not my story to tell. But you could feel how thankful she was for her son to have had the life she never could have given him. It got me thinking of my own son's biological parents and the hard decision they had to make to give him up into my care. I just want to say "Thank You" to all the women who make this difficult choice to carry a child to full term and then give them into the care of someone who will raise and guide them through life.