Life Alliance

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From Team Member Lyle Montague

Our blog is now ready for full use.  I have been given the honor of making the first entry.  I am proud to be a supporting team member of this very important organization. I believe in their mission because I believe there are so many persons who find themselves in the difficult situation of trying to deal with an unplanned pregnancy.  This applies to men as well as women. Frequently they are not aware of the many life giving options available to them.  As a result, in their despair they allow themselves to be misled into an action fatal to the developing human life they are dealing with.  It is so easy for them to find a group, an organization, or even a single person who will tell them to just terminate the pregnancy and all their problems will be over.  But will their problems be over?  Within every human being there is a deep rooted moral conscience that expresses itself no matter how hard a person tries to suppress it.  Many who have chosen abortion will regret it and will feel the guilt of having done so for the remainder of their lives, especially as they find out more and more about the reality of what they have done.  So Life Alliance seeks to inform these persons of the many alternative actions they can take before they make that decision in the hopes that these persons will choose life for the innocent and defenseless soul whose fate has suddenly been placed into their hands.  We firmly believe that if life is chosen that choice will never be regretted.  We hope no one will every be afraid of, ashamed of, or bullied out of choosing life.