Life Alliance

Where labels end and conversation begins

Because of the following:

  • The medical community considers first trimester abortions to be minor surgery for the mother.
  • Second and third trimester abortions require dismemberment techniques and/or use other inhumane means to kill an unborn child, and the procedures pose a great risk to the mother's health.
  • Fetal pain receptors are relatively complete by 18 weeks post-fertilization.
  • Perinatal medicine treats unborn patients as young as 16 weeks post-fertilization with pain medication for in utero operations.
  • Mid-late term abortions pose a great risk to a woman’s psychological and emotional health.

We believe:

All legal abortions in the State of Massachusetts must be limited to the first trimester of pregnancy unless there is a grave and urgent medical condition which would compromise the mother’s life.