Life Alliance

Where labels end and conversation begins


Together, with our legislators of the Commonwealth, we seek to limit legal abortions on demand up to the twelfth week of pregnancy, after which time, legal abortions would be provided to only those deemed medically necessary to save the life of the mother. 


Separate from our political actions, and because we understand a woman may have a difficult time finding the help she needs when choosing the path of life, we seek to be the community liaison for the pregnancy support centers in our area. We also, to the best of our ability, will make ourselves available to offer direct support to any woman who needs assistance with an unplanned pregnancy, and help her to be prepared for the birth of her child.

We also believe it is our duty to educate and engage our neighbors in dialogue about various abortion procedures, fetal development, and why modifying current limitations to our abortion laws is better for us as a community, and as a people.