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About the above link - We are pleased to announce that Renew MA Coalition is assisting us with our political efforts. They have put together a brand new, online petition for us, and they will have other activist tools coming online soon. It's exciting to have them working alongside us helping with this very important endeavor. After you sign this new petition, we ask that you share it with others. This is an effective way to start honest conversations about abortion, and to educate our fellow citizens about what H.3372 bill does, as well as the current state of law in MA, regarding abortion on demand. Even if you signed our other one, you need to sign this one too, as it's up-to-date with our political progression.

Urgent help needed for our petitioners bill:

A petitioner's bill needs the will of the people to pass through our legislative process! Here is a complete list, with phone numbers, of our House and Senate leaders. Please reach out to them and ask them to come together and support our Petitioner’s Bill: Hd.3378. Our legislators are RUNNING OUT OF TIME to sign their name to our Bill and help us modify Massachusetts abortion law. Let’s change legal, on demand abortions, in the State of Massachusetts from 24 weeks to 12 weeks on-demand.